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See XML file src/main/resources/flow-xml/5min-example-flow.xml

See class cz.wicketstuff.boss.flow.examples.service.impl.BossFlowControllerServiceImpl. That class contains all possible annotations and method's declarations those are expected by the annotations.

This is a 5 minute example to easy understand mixed annotation support of BOSS Flow on a common case of e-shop basket and order flow control.

There is a common understandable example. Let's an e-shop with basket. There's ever just one item in the basket. Each item has its price and there can be once or more pieces of the same item in the basket. The basket shows the total price that is item price multiplies pieces. It is possible to pay by card, PayPal or cash. So it is possible to decide how to pay. If you pay by Card, you're asked for card number and pin. There are just one valid combination of card no. and pin, that's just for testing. If you pay correctly, you finish the payment and you can order a new item. Otherwise you returns back to choose payment type. Nearly anywhere you can cancel the current operation that means cancel the order or cancel the payment method.

See the commented pseudo UML diagram to understand steps.

The corresponding flow XML is the following.

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