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The BOSS Flow is a Java framework that provide flow/workflow functionality. It is a lightweight framework very useful for managing web forms. Common example is an e-shop shopping chart that is a common kind of multistep form.Currently the BOSS Flow has been used by its author in two commercial projects and it was a really good idea in both cases.


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The latest XSD of configuration XML is on


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Browse Examples Source or download download examples from maven.


See sources on or download jars, but rather use Maven|-1932462777.

Maven Dependency


Report your issue (bug or idea) into JIRA.



BOSS Flow has been created in November 2012 and the first version has been realeased to Sonatype maven repositories and promoted to the maven central repositories in the end of December 2012. It is licensed by Apache Common 2.0 License, so it is free for use and modification. The BOSS Flow has been started by members of BOSS Team of the Czech software company, Etnetera.


The framework is built and tested for Java 7, using Apache Maven as a build tool.


The domain is held and used for mixed materials related to opensource projects. Also Atlassian products has been installed on among the open-source projects as well as  Atlassian offers.

Recent space activity

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Try the BOSS Flow


Try the BOSS Flow as a workflow framework, tell us your experiences and help us to improve.

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