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Planned Features

The following list contains the first planned features of all ideas:

  • Maven plugin for to generate enums
  • Validation system for flow states


Not Supported & Not Implemented

The list of NOT supported or NOT implemented functions, frameworks, etc. There are many things that has been decided to not be supported now or during incoming future. The main reasons are code design patterns of BOSS Flow and simply using of it. Of course if a feature is not supported yet and it is not planned, the decision can be changed once.

List of Not Supported & Not Implemented Features:

  • Storing in Database
  • Flow Version System

Storing in Database

is not supported because of a database framework or database implementation dependency, that can decrease flow usage. Even though there is a support for flow store features, it is not fully implemented. The main deal of load/save flow from/to a database or another storage is to implement yourself.

Flow Version System

The current API of BOSS Flow and its implementation don't easy expect more than one of flow versions (XML declaration) in a single instance/implementation. Of course, if you need more flows in a single application, if you can create more class instances and configure them with multiple XMLs as well.

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