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This section describes how to download and run a simple demo page powered by TDI. It is the very same page as our Online Demo but it will run on your own computer, so you can play and experiment with TDI and its features for yourself.

Please note this is just a demo with only a little explanation of TDI functionality. If you do not know anything about TDI, our Tutorial is a better place to start with.


There is almost nothing you need to run the demo page:

  • A reasonably modern internet browser (see the list of supported versions).
  • Ideally, a web server to upload static text files (HTML and XML). Alternatively, you may simply save them to your local file system (which has some limitations).

Installation to a web server

The preferred way to install the demo is to use a web server. Virtually any web server will do, being it locally installed at your workstation, company server, or a public web hosting service. The demo contains static files only, so there are no special requirements.

  1. Download our simple demo offline package (ZIP).
  2. Unzip the archive to your web server directory.
  3. Navigate your browser to the tdi-demo.html file contained in the package.

Installation to a local drive

If you do not have a web server (or do not want to use it for any reason), you may alternatively install the demo to your local filesystem.

  1. Download our simple demo offline package (ZIP).
  2. Unzip the archive to any writeable directory at your computer.
  3. Navigate your browser to the tdi-demo.html file contained in the package.
    • In most operating systems, just clicking the file should do all the work.
    • If not, you will need to enter the file URL to your browser address field. An example URL is: file:///C:/Users/myself/Documents/twinstone-tdi/tdi-demo.html

Please note that this kind of installation may bring some limitations. For instance, it will not work in some browsers with peculiar security settings. Unfortunately, this also includes Internet Explorer. We have tested the demo with Firefox and Chrome successfully.

Experiment and play

If everything works as expected, you should see a simple demo page now. If you click a link, some portion of the page changes dynamically. These changes are fully controlled by TDI and prepared XML responses.

NOTICE: Please do not be surprised by small XML files containing pieces of duplicate HTML fragments and other seemingly hard-to-maintain code. Real web applications will not work this way. The XML responses are expected to be generated dynamically as necessary, typically using the same server-side templates as the original page. The demo uses static XML files only to minimize requirements necessary to run it.

Having troubles?

Anything does not work as expected? You do not understand something? Or did you even find a bug? We will be extremely happy (no kidding!) if you contact us and share your experience with us.

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